Monday, 3 August 2009

Leaf Green Team

Ok... I'm the sorta person who plans way ahead...
This is the team i'm planning to train through LG


I'll catch a pikachu in viridian forest to take on Misty before swaping it for a Voltorb/Electrode. I'll also not take on Erika until i have been to Fucshia and got a good rod. Then i can fish for a Poliwhirl to trade for Jynx... I've got a rough plan for the game...

Diamond + Leaf Green Status

Well.. Diamonds going well. I've traveled everywhere now, catching as many differnet pokemon as i could, and this is my pokedex status.
Seen: 215
Caught: 106
Getting there, slowly but surely.

I'm taking a brake for a while though whilst i start Leaf Green. The starter i shall be using is Squirtle. Personally, i prefer Charmander, but i'm going with Squirtle. I'm now about to do a bit it pokedex looking at, and i'm going to start planning my team.

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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Diamond Status

Its been a while since i've actually posted what i'm doing....

Currently, i'm going along every route in mainland sinnoh catching anything i dont already have, battling anyone i havnt battled and getting any items/berries that i missed the first time around. once i've finished i'm then going on to the other island who's name has escaped me... I wanna say battle island but i know thats wrong lol.

I'll post stats later

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Friday, 31 July 2009

Shiny Cranidos Winner!

Ok time to announce the winner of the shiny Cranidos....
I assigned everyone who commented a number in chronilogical order, then had one picked at random from here - - and i have the winner...


Noah!! From Bulbagarden Forums.

I have e-mailed you about aranging a trade time.

Don't forget to enter the Shiny Mespirit competition.

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Current Blog Goings-on

Over the blog there are a few things going on which you may not have noticed or havnt cared about. Either way, here is a summary of the current goings-on. This post will be updated periodically.

What Am I Doing? - What this blog is here for etc
Current Diamond Status - How well i'm doing on Diamond
Current Pokedex Status - What pokemon i have caught so far.

Win a Shiny Cranidos - Ends 31st of July (Thats tonight, hurry!!)
Win a Shiny Mespirit - Ends 7th of August

Leaf Green Starters - Which one should i use

Have Fun and Good Luck

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COMPETITION: Win a Shiny Mespirit

Ok... With one competition ending tonight, another one is starting now.
It took me three hours to soft reset to get one, but i have a shiny Mespirit, caught, cloned and ready to trade away.

All you have to do is comment on this post with...
1. Your name
2. E-mail or other method of contact (e.g. forum username) (so i can contact you if you win)
3. Where you heard about this blog.
Comment with these three things and you will be entered into a lucky dip draw. Winner will be announced and notified on 7th of August at approx 7pm.
Good Luck!

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Current Diamond Pokedex Status

Here's all the pokemon i have caught so far for those that are interested

Mr.Mime /Mime Jr

Sneasel *Shiny*


Cranidos *Shiny*
Mespirit *Shiny*

164 Seen
64 Caught

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Project Status

Hello all.
I'm sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days. I've had no internet. But having no internet has meant, no distractions, and i've done loads over the past few days! Here's a summary.


What can i say about my main game then...
I've beat all 8 gyms, the E4 and have my national dex :D
My dex status is as follows
Seen: 164
Caught: 58
I'll post a list of what i have caught soon.

Now that i have the National Dex, i have transfered the starters from Leaf Green and will be transfering the starters from Emerald soon. I have also transfered the 7 event pokemon i cant catch with my games from my friends cartridge back to my main game (Celebi, Latias, Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus).

Now for my most exciting news...
One was just by luck, a shiny Sneasel caught at Acuity Lakefront, and even better, after 3 hours of soft resetting, i have a shiny Mespirit!!! I will be offering that as a prize very soon.

Thats it for this moment, but expect a few updates over the next 24 hours.

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Absence Explained soon. No post below due to technical difficultys. Will post properly soon

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Diamond Team *New*

Ok, ive just got my Mr. Mime for my team, but ive realized he really is terrible, so im reworking my team slightly. My completed team will now be as follows

Now... Off to the underground with a second DS to talk to 32 people...

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Friday, 24 July 2009

OMG!! First Shiny!!! Competition time!!

Ok, i was resetting for a good natured Cranidos at the mining museum when i got a shiny one!! So ive gts'd a clone and im offering it as a prize.

All you have to do is comment on this post with...
1. Your name
2. E-mail or other method of contact (e.g. forum username) (so i can contact you if you win)
3. Where you heard about this blog.
Comment with these three things and you will be entered into a lucky dip draw. Winner will be announced and notified on 31st of July at approx 7pm.
Good Luck!

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Diamond Status

Ok. Two gyms down; Team G beaten in ; all pokemon are obeying me; just got a skull fossil from the underground and im now about to get it revived. Im going to Reset for a good nature before i carry on... This could take a while...

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Diamond Progress

Im now at the second gym, about to beat the pre-leader trainers. My team is as follows.
Monferno (lv 20)
Prinplup (lv 20)
Grotle (lv 19)
Im still have trouble though. Prinplup and Grotle wont obey me untill i have this badge, and once i reach lv 30 theyll stop obaying again. Ah well... Ill be getting new team members soon.

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Diamond Problems

Im a day in and im already having problems. Having traded the other two starters from Pearl, as soon as the reached lv11 they stopped obaying me, which is making the first gym a lot harder than it needs to be. I will win soon though...

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Diamond: Day 1

So... The end of my first day...

Current Stats

Location: Route 203
Pokedex: Seen 8, Caught 5
Time: 1:28
Current Team: Chimchar (lv 9)
Piplup (lv 8)
Turtwig (lv 10)
Current task: Get all to Lv 12 for first gym.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Diamond Team

Ok. Im going for the first gym on Diamond very soon. But i had an idea. Im going to start pearl early and trade the two other starters over to start a balanced team. Ive also chosen the other three members of my team. They are... Gengar, Rampardos and Mr. Mime.
One thing i wanted to do with this mission is use pokemon i dont usually use. So no gyarados or luxray or dialga on my team. No matter how awesome they may be.

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Poll 2: What Starter Should I Use On Leaf Green?

With Diamond started, i'm now running the poll for the next game i'm going to play. Leaf Green.
Vote for Starter here

Poll 2: Click Here

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'Getting 493' Officially Started!!

As of now, i have officially started 'Getting 493'

I've started with Diamond. My name on it is 'Diamond', and my starter is Chimchar.

Current Stats: Diamond
Time: 0:11
Pokedex: Seen 5 - Caught 1
Team: Chimchar (Lv 6)

Currant task: Level up Chimchar to beat the first gym!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Poll 1: What Starter should i use for Diamond?

I shall be starting this mission tomorrow, so please vote!!

Poll 1: Click Here

The Official Database

This database will show what pokemon i have caught, at what level, and on what game. I will update it as often as possible so you can see my progress


Welcome to my blog.

This summer, i have set myself a challenge. To get all 493 Pokemon onto one game, Pokemon Diamond.

On Pokemon Diamond, I can only get 377 of the Pokemon without needing another game. That is why i need to complete others, to trade the Pokemon to Diamond

To do this, i'm going to complete Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond. I will also be using Pokemon Ranch, and Pokemon Channel.

On this blog, i will be posting my current challenges, and ask for advice.

Expect several changes and updates in the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned for my next update.

Keep it Chillin'